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Defense Attorney in Cleveland OhioIf you are under investigation for possessing or distributing child pornography - or if you have been formally charged - you should contact a Cleveland child pornography defense lawyer as soon as possible. These are serious charges that require experienced criminal defense.

At The Law Office of Richard V Agopian, attorney Agopian has more than 36 years of criminal law experience. He represents clients charged with serious Internet sex crimes on a retainer-only basis. Schedule a consultation at our Cleveland area law office to learn more.

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Child Pornography Charges: Things to Consider

Child pornography charges are very serious, but there may be many possible defenses available depending on the circumstances of your case. As your Cleveland Defense Attorney, Richard Agopian will look into the following if you are facing child pornography charges:

  • Did you visit a website that triggered automatic downloads without your permission?
  • Did anyone else have access to your computer?
  • Did another individual send the photos or videos in question?
  • If child pornography was downloaded, were the files immediately deleted?

Our law firm works with computer experts to analyze computer files and other information in an effort to strengthen your case. We will stop at nothing to get the information we need to build the strongest defense possible against your charges.

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For experienced child pornography defense, contact our Cleveland law office to discuss your legal options.

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